Road Book Tour

Leaving for today, 60 days across North America.

By on January 1, 2017

So this is it, we’re leaving for 2 months in our new home on wheels. 60 days across North America, 15 000 kms to go, playing shows on the road. Can’t believe this is  finally happening, we’ve been dreaming about this for so long. We’ll leave on Jan 10th to first hit the east coast straight to Miami. Few days off to enjoy the sun and sea before leaving to Louisiana, Texas, and then go up to to catch Road 66 across the desert. We can’t miss the Grand Cayon on the way to California where we have a bunch of crazy shows. We will stay there for 3 weeks before going up north to Portland and Seattle before coming back in our cold country through Victoria. And then, the lonnnnng way back home from a side to the another of the continent. We’ve been working so hard in the last months to make this dream happen.

-9 days and we’ll be fucking out of here.

Can’t wait to see news places, and make new friends on the road. We will keep a roadbook of our story here, with pictures and videos. Im sure a bunch of funny things will happen.

It’s a new story, a new chapter of our life and hopefully you guys will enjoy reading us.