Road Book Tour

Day 1 – Welcome to America

By on January 11, 2017

We were suppose to leave Montréal early Tuesday morning, but we were so excited about the trip, we couldn’t wait longer. At 2am, after packing everything in the truck we decided to leave and drive as long as we can in the direction of New Jersey. We were a little stressed about crossing the borders with our instruments, as we don’t have any working permit for the tour… It would’ve been so lame to get cut and cancel the project after working so hard in the last months to get this project together…


3am. Lacolle borders. 1 lane open. The guy looks cool. We’re are you going ? Florrrridaaaa !!! (hahah) How much time ? 3 weeks !!! (ouppsy) How do you know each other…. We’re a couple !! What’s in the truck… ? hmm a bed ?!… ok wait a minute, my computer isn’t working…………… 20 minutes later (seemed like 2 hours) … Ok guys, have fun !!! We’re all good, WELCOME TO AMERICA ! We’re sooooooo excited, wow this trip is real now.


We drove a few hours, near New York city. We saw the most beautiful sunrise ever, a stunning red sky turning yellow… The kind of thing picture can’t do justice. Around 7 am, we stopped in a truck stop to get a little rest. After a delicious breakfast made of cucumbers, olives and cheese (wellllll we brought our leftover from home) we had 1h30 left to drive to the beach. We went at Seven President park, in New Jersey, empty snowy beach, cold but beautiful.


We made groceries, and cooked our first meals in the van. We slept in another truck stop and fell asleep to the sound of the rain. This morning was warmer, we walked around a little city called Bordentown… lovely shops and nice people. We jammed in the van to get ready for all the shows coming up…

Tonight it’s Trenton, our first gig in the United States of America !

We’re ready ! Let the adventure begin !

Warninnnng, Food Porn alert … lol.