Road Book Tour

Days 2 & 3 – So the adventure began

By on January 17, 2017

Trenton… Trenton… Trenton…. Euh. First impression, it’s not a place we’d like to live. Everybody told us it was a sketchy place and we can confirm  it is. As soon as we walked in the venue, the booker Dave (btw super nice and funny guy) gave us the advice to take out everything of value out of the truck…… but hum, we’re gonna live in that truck for 2 months… so to us, everything is important, even the windows ! Just to give you an idea, he’s been working in that bar for 15 years and he leaves nothing in his car and let the doors unlocked to save the windows……… Good thing we had a parking right in front the venue cause we were a bit paranoid and always needed to check on the van.

Besides  that, we had a fun show, great bands and about 20 people in a small basement. We were really happy to share the stage with super talented Elissa, with who we played in Montréal few weeks ago, and we really liked Moron Girls’ set with the singer that was pretty sick and was eating garlic clove before her set. Theses gals were super entertaining and did an awesome set, making people sing in french for us ! We turned down the invitation to an after party 2 corners from the bar just to get out of that city asap. We found a truckstop on the GPS near Philadelphia, and once we got there it really looked like the beginning of a horror movie ! So we changed our minds and found a empty Wendys parking for the night.

Sunshine and hot morning, we’re already near Philly for our next day. Made a little Show Box outside office to clear some emails and advance some projects. We were having breakfast outside the van, when that  angry guy showed up to tell us about his so bad experience on his last road trip… We really tried to get rid of him but he kept coming back to tell us more about his story…… can you just leave us alone, it ‘s still the morning man. Get awayyyy !

We realized crossing the bridge that Philly was a really nice city !  We found a parking near the venue and walked around for a few hours. Eated at Joe’s and tried the Philly steak !  Everyone seemed to know each other on the streets; Fishtown is like a friendly gettho….! As our load in was only at 8pm, we decided to take a trolly and the subway downtown to see more of that beautiful city. We were walking in front of a luxury hat store when the owner invited us to come in for a free Bourbon and listen to an acoustic show inside the store… We’re definitly in !!! After talking with the guy, he gave us his contact to get an afternoon show in New Orleans on our way to California!!! This is what we call being at the right place at the right time !

8pm, first thing we noticed as we walked in the venue is that we might be opening for a metal show… that guy with a kiss makeup was a good hint !! ohhhhhh what a weird fit. But the soundguy was really nice and he told us that it wouldn’t be awkward, because people in Philly love music in general. We played first for 30 minutes and suprisingly we got the attention of people. At 9h30, it’s over for us so we decided to hit the road to travel to South Carolina since we have more that 9 hours to drive to get to Myrtle beach, and getting closer to Miami.

For now on, we have a 6 days vacation to enjoy the beach and the sun of the south. Next gig will be in Fort Lauderdale on Jan 19. Pretty sure other funny things will happen by then. See you in a couple of days for the next Road Book episode. Thanks for reading !

With love,

Steve and Ginie.