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This folk duo from Montreal will highly seduce you with their catchy songs. They leave good vibrations everywhere they go with their mesmerizing voices and original harmonies. In Janurary 2017, they both left on a major 2 months tour across North America with their van. Half way through the tour, they were noticed in San Diego by a record label who proposed to record their first album right away. They released a 10 song album called « Leaving for Today » with Mannequin Vanity Records in California.

Lately, they’ve been successfully opening for a lot of bands such as : Quebeck Redneck Bluegrass Project, Youngblood Brass Band, Ben Caplan, Pépé et sa Guitare, Xavier Caféine, and have played almost everywhere around the province. They also have been on the Trois Rivière Festivoix and Nuits Polaires 2018’s festival lineup. During their last American west coast tour, they had the opportunity to play at the legendary House of Blues in San Diego.

They are just back from a huge Europeen tour where they played 32 shows in 40 days and in 8 different countries. On this tour, they had interviews in many radios and news paper, even on the TV news on the Reunion Island. They also took time to record new songs while they were on tour at the prestigious Midilive in Paris that will come out early 2019.

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